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How to Use the DP Body Tone 300 Rowing Machine

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Consistent, regular exercise can help prevent the onset of a variety of health problems, according to the President’s Council on Fitness. The DP Body Tone 300 Rowing Machine can provide both a cardiovascular workout and a body toning workout to burn calories and increase overall body health. Regardless of your fitness goals, the best results from the DP Body Tone 300 require proper operation of the equipment. Dress in appropriate workout attire and footwear and hydrate properly before, during and after your workout. Stop immediately if you feel dizzy, nauseous or lightheaded during the workout.

Slide the seat of the DP Body Tone 300 all the way down toward the foot platform and straddle the machine. Carefully lower your behind onto the seat of the machine, placing your feet firmly on the platforms.

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Bend both knees to a squat position to reach down and grab the rowing bar with both hands.

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Keeping your back straight and belly pulled in, straighten out your knees by firmly pushing down with your feet and pulling the row bar toward your waist. As the seat of the rowing machine slides back with your leg press, contract the abs, triceps and gluts to make sure the entire core is working smoothly together.

Finish the extension by pulling the row bar all the way to the waist, leaning slightly back, if necessary, and pressing the elbows past your sides toward your back. Keep the row bar between the waist and chest when pulling to avoid straining the neck muscles and to maintain a straight spine. Exhale on the extension.

Hold the row for a few seconds and then pull your torso back upright. Slowly begin bending your knees and leaning forward to slide the rowing machine seat back toward your feet. Inhale on the forward squat.

Repeat the backward extension and forward slide for as many repetitions as possible, maintaining a smooth, controlled pace. Remember to inhale on the extension and exhale on the slide forward.


According to experts at Fitness Magazine, rowing machine workouts can provide a good cardiovascular workout in addition to toning muscles and being low-impact. To burn 300 calories in just 30 minutes, they suggest a rowing pace of 24 to 28 row strokes per minute. A more circuit-like cardio workout would include a steady rowing speed of 20 rows per minute and adding in four one-minute bursts of 30 row strokes per minute.


The President’s Council on Fitness notes that children and adults are encouraged to get at least 30 minutes of moderate exercise daily for health. For more dramatic fitness results, increase aerobic physical activity to about 300 minutes a week of moderate-intensity to high-intensity activity.

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